Smoke on the Water
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Smoke on the water
where do you come?
Flies on fire
falling from the sun.
Dying and crying
with a tear of fools.
Imagination is killing me.

I am looking for a reason
to cry my mind into stone.
Crumpled paper lay around me
fire on the water’s edge.
Dance on the elements of the earth
and mix them together
make a power within.

Make it unreachable
make it out of diamonds
and dance me to the end.
Sitting on these cold stones
by the rivers of greed.
Any ships that sail
will be swallowed and sunken
by the rivers deep.

Dance me on
through the fires
and through the hell gates itself.
Sink me down
to the devils fire
and the power within
will expand.

Dancing on the edge,
in all of eternity.
Strumming on this guitar,
dancing on the edge.

And the sad times will go down
and roll me through the dark.
All the people will bow down to the dark
Sink me down into the waters deep,
through the trashy waves.
Show me were has not been seeked,
the devils cave.